Sony Z Ultra also goes Google Play Edition for $649

Want a super sized phone running the stock of Android ? Then the Sony Z Ultra Google Play Edition will be right choice for you. The phone was just spotted on the Google Play Store in the US and is available now at a price point of $649. Interesting this is one of the first Sony devices running stock Android.

The phone brings with it some great specifications including a 2.26 Ghz Quad Core Snapdragon 800 processor paired with 2GB of RAM. The highlight of this is the gigantic 6.4″ Full HD display with Sony’s Triluminous technology built in. The phone and tablet crossover device is also IP55 & IP58 compliant making it dust proof and water resistant.
If you are planning to use it internationally the phone is sold unlocked and works on the following network bands. Won’t work in India over LTE but will work over HSPA+
Being a Google Play Edition device means that it will ship with the latest build of Android onboard. It will also be amongst the first wave of devices to get updates. The store listing states a price point of $649 with shipping times of 1-2 days. Google is also providing free shipping for US based buyers for a limited period. If you plan to use a stock Android phonethis is one for you.

[Source - Play Store]