Sony PS4 will launch in India on Decmeber 18

Yes! Finally it will be here. After a lot of speculation and rumours, next gen gaming is eventually arriving in India to the PS4 launch event to be held on December 18 in New Delhi. The calligraphic invite appears a bit cryptic, but nevertheless the message is clear.
Since its debut in the US and European markets last month, the PS4 has been creating quite a frenzy selling more than a million units on day one and two million units in just under two weeks and well on its way to achieve its target of selling more than 3 million PS4's by the end of the year. The PS4 sales have also outnumbered the Xbox One, which sold a 150,000 units in its first 48 hours whereas the PS3 sold a 165,000 units in the same amount of time. Analysts have also predicted that the PS4 is likely to sell 49 million consoles in the next five years.
While there is no information available regarding the price of the console, given the $399 price in the US, you can expect the price bracket to be around Rs.28,0000-Rs.30,000 mark. Sony India head Atindriya Bose said they will reveal the MRP of the console at the launch event, and also added that as of now, first party titles for the PS4 will retail at 3,999 INR and accessories such as the DualShock 4 and PS Eye camera will be available but in limited quantities.
Sony has not announced the price of the console in India, but given the $399 price in the US, we are expecting the price tag to sport a number close to the Rs 30,000 mark. While the imminent launch is indeed good news for gamers in the country, the PS4 has got off to a slow start as far as new titles are concerned.

The PS4 has an AMD-based x86 processor will be powering the console. It will have 8GB of unified high-speed memory and a “massive” hard drive. The new controller—dubbed the DualShock 4. It has a touch pad with a share button, a headphone jack and a light bar to identify players. The Share button on the controller will let you upload any video you from your console quickly to video services. Videos are automatically uploaded while you play a game.

One of the coolest features of the PS4 is that it can download games in the background, even when the system is powered off. Games can also be played while they’re being downloaded.