Report:- Samsung is now working on 8-inch & 10-inch tablets.

Samsung is back in the Tablet's Department with their AMOLED displays ,we were wondering when the next AMOLED Tablet will arrive, our prayers are listened  a report from a Korean media has some details about it. According to the report, Samsung is not working on one tablet but two AMOLED display tablets (Yes you heard it right  two AMOLED display tablets), Samsung is working 8-inch and 10-inch tablets, one with 2K display and one will be launched alongside the Galaxy S5 .We already know that Galaxy S5 will come with 2K display & with full alluminium chassis.

Tablets with AMOLED screens will be exclusive to high-end tablets, while the company will continue to use LCD displays for its low-cost and mid-range tablets (such as the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite). Mass production of these large AMOLED displays will begin in early 2014. Samsung want to compete with apple's iPad Air and iPAD Mini.

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