Nokia RM-964 with screen size 5.2-inch leaks

Indian import tracking site has leaked a 5.2 inch Nokia device with the model number RM-964. It seems the device once again has been imported for testing.

The RM-964 is an expensive device with a quoted value of INR 34,524 ($560), suggesting is a 5 inch variant of the flagship 1020 and 1520 device.
The device will have a  screen with 1080p resolution and will run on Snapdragon 800, which could mean that it is possibly an international version of the Lumia 929, rumoured to have 20MP PureView camera with dual-LED flash.
Nokia off-late has been slimming down on its flagships, for instance the likes of Lumia 920, making lighter devices while maintaining the specs. A good move on Nokia's part to boost the sales of Windows Phone devices. It seems that the Finnish giant wants to leave consumers with ample choices, whether they want a large-screened phablet or a powerful smartphone that fits nicely in your pocket.

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