Nokia launches Lumia 525 in Singapore

Nokia has just launched its new entry level Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumia 525 in Singapore. The device replaces the most successful Windows Phone yet, Nokia Lumia 520 and is priced at 249 Singapore Dollars i.e. $198 US. The specs of the Nokia Lumia 525 are almost same except the amount of RAM  which has been increased to 1GB instead of 512MB. This makes the Lumia 525 compatible with more games and apps.

The Nokia Lumia 525 is being offered in glossy orange, yellow and white. A matte black is also being offered. The shells are exchangeable and add a level of customization not offered with the Nokia Lumia 520 and its twin, the T-Mobile branded Nokia Lumia 521.

After Singapore, the phone will continue its launch in Africa, the Middle East India and in other Asia Pacific countries.

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