8-inch Microsoft Surface Mini rumored to sport air gestures control & 1080p display

Microsoft's Surface Mini is likely to arrive with a 1080p display and sport air gestures. There will be a mini version of the Surface, it seems to arrive some time next year with an 8-inch Full HD screen, just like the rumored Nokia Lumia 2020 tablet was.

We just learned today that Nokia has scrapped the 2020 plans, hopefully that means fusing the two 8-inchers together, as by the time the Surface Mini launches, Nokia's mobile division will already be owned by Microsoft. The Surface Mini is said to arrive with Windows 8.1 and a Bay Trail chipset, which would ensure quite the longevity.

Furthermore, the Windows tablet is claimed to entertain some sort of Kinect-like air gesture technology, but how exactly would that be implemented on such a device, remains to be seen.

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